Tazed and Confuzed

by Parapsychotic

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released September 20, 2010

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave Khalil in June 2010 at Ice Pick Studios, Lethbridge AB, Canada.
All songs written and performed by Parapsychotic
Upright Bass and Lead Vocals - Revrend sPUKEy
Guitar Bad Assery and Back Up Vocals - Clarve Fuckin Biker
Brainwash Bins and Serpent Skins - MKLavey



all rights reserved


Parapsychotic Lethbridge, Alberta

100% Pure Canadian Thrashabilly with paranormal and conspiratorial overtones....

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Track Name: Slaves
Round up the homeless, force them to work, if they don't like it, watch the fuckers burn as the middle class becomes the new poor, and if you don't like it theres the crematory door.
I don't need this government fucking bullshit anymore.
You stupid mother fuckers can have your new world order
You rock your fuckin flags and pledge your allegiance to Satan
and you sell your fucking soul for his company, His nation.
Slavery thanks to the IMF, if you don't like it they will work you to death, corrupt justice makes it all legal and you've been bonded by true fucking evil.
Track Name: Abduction I
Cant move, paralyzed, cant move my body I can only move my eyes. Insane fear, when they're near, when they come to take me away. Taken away, memory erased, leaves me with missing time. Needle marks, and implants, what the fuck have they done to me?!
Abduction sucks.
Track Name: Abduction II
Paralyzed, taken at night. Little grey fuckers with big black eyes. Experiment on me, experiment on you. Not a fucking thing we can do. Unknown injections with needles, scars to prove that its real. Bony fingers touch your skin, cold to the touch, cold with sin,
Abduction. Abduction.
Anxiety, they're coming for me. Pulled through the wall by a fucking beam. Can anyone see, cant anyone see, cant anyone see what they're doing to me? Face down, they're standing over me, then they put the fucking implant in me. The craft is hovering in the air, it lights up the sky, does anybody care? Then the lights went out, thrown back onto the couch, abduction, abduction, sometimes I want to die, abduction....
Track Name: No Rest
No fucking rest for me, stuck for eternity, I haven't been outside, since the day I fucking died.
A soul gone fucking insane, there are no windows in this place, last time I saw the fucking sun, I fucking hung...
Track Name: Lost
I've seen the skies like this before, shades of grey and nothing fucking more, another fucked up day insanity ahead, and Ive been so fucking lost since then.
Been searching so long, so long from this side. Searching and waiting, Im waiting for a sign. Losing hope and feeling lost inside, and its getting dark and I don't have a light.
My thoughts have become a prison, like a maze and I cant escape it, unseen hands guiding me, show me the truth set me fucking free.
Track Name: Nightmare Hall
Sent down explosives, what the fuck? Sent down two probes nothing came up, sent down a team we heard the screams, somethings down there it smells obscene, Alien tunnels underground, lines of slaves being moved around, 12 scientists cant be found, send down the Delta to look around.
2 miles deep, no one can see, fire fight with grey alien beings, rescue team, 60 men dead, cobalt radiation and holes through their flesh, what is this place called nightmare hall? Humans in cages all along the walls, ancient DUMB fascility, whats in these tanks, look at all these freaks.
Track Name: Amityville
Preacher? PREACHER? get out! GET OUT! Choke on flies if you stay you die, leave as you came so sick inside, sick inside and fucking blind.
Kill them! KILL THEM! Just look at them. PATHETIC! Make it all end. Possession, friend til the end, kill yourself, put the gun to your head...
Track Name: Burnt In Time
An event so fucking tragic, imposed on reality's fabric, every day the same as the last, doomed to repeat the fucking past.
When the worlds collide, meshed in space and time, one more chance to move on from the past, or be burnt in time.
Track Name: Mind Kontrolle
Subliminal war waged against you in the airwaves, ignorance is bliss, are my ELF waves sinking in? The frequency that jams your mind, replacing your thoughts with mine. I play a HAARP its tune controls the mass mind, inspiring moods and behavior all the time. They think everything is NORML and fine, sit back and don't notice the decline.
Ignorance and fear, tools to defeat you, with your minds beaten my programming will be you. Hypocrisy and appeasement more tools to defeat you, bullshit in the air are my ELF waves sinking in?
Track Name: Mothman
Point pleasant, not so much these days, red eyed creature causes panic waves. Chased down the hiways, attacked at home, Ingrid Cole is on the fucking phone.
Blow up the bridges, CIA, mothman, psyops, false flag
Blow up the bridges, CIA, mothman, psyops, false flag
Track Name: NORMLized
Demoralize, indoctrinate, land of the thief, home of the fucking slave.
And now its way too late, indoctrination state, desensitized to fucked up reality, controlled through fear, order through chaos, NORMLized, and fucking brainwashed.
Track Name: Don't Breathe
Scythe stay out of the garden they're spraying the back 9. Its raining heavy and the number of infected will rise. We'll show em pandemic, watch the panic rise, cause that's the business we're in, making people die.
Don't breathe.
Lets test out a new disease on all you fucks we despise. This harvest will bring many, and all of them will die. We'll show em pandemic, show them genocide. Cause that's the business we're in, making people die.
Don't breathe. Don't breathe. Don't breathe. Don't breathe.
Track Name: Red Rug Fuckers
First class, rich and famous kiss my ass, celebrities mind controlled cunts. Acting like their better than everyone, what kind of loser goes to rehab?
You're not a human but you've been one in a movie.
You're not a person but you've played one on TV.
Pathetic show from cradle to the grave, life is scripted, whores put on parade. Exploitation money can be made, you slutbag piece of shit you fuckin hags....
Track Name: Tazed and Confuzed
Out of control, the pigs have gone mad, corporate policy replaces the laws of the land. All the kings horses, and all the kings men, get suspended with pay now do it again.
Tazed and confuzed.
So tazed and confuzed.
Oh the inquisition and revenue collection. Behavior modification into a coerced genuflection. Tazed and confuzed, from the lab to the streets, as the science of control has been unleashed.
Tazed and confuzed.
Tazed and confuzed.
Don't taze me bro.