Novus Ordo Parapsychaotica

by Parapsychotic

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released July 20, 2009

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Parapsychotic and Chad Thomson in the back room of Compu Care in Coaldale during June of 2009.
All music written and performed by Parapsychotic
Upright Bassslayer and Conspiratorial Shrieks - Rev sPUKEy
Strings of Rebellion and Redacted Vocals - Clarve Fuckin Biker
Brainwash Bins and Serpent Skins - MKLavey



all rights reserved


Parapsychotic Lethbridge, Alberta

100% Pure Canadian Thrashabilly with paranormal and conspiratorial overtones....

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Track Name: Dark Sun Rising
Yes we can, thank you Satan.
Obama nation, Abomination, A bomb a nation.
Deceive the nation, bankrupt the nation, destroy a nation.
Obama nation, Abomination, A bomb a nation.
The Pharoah Zeus and his lies, with him all hope dies.
Marker will lash you, marker will lash you, if you refuse, the Marker will lash you, marker will lash you, marker will lash you, if you refuse yes we can, yes we can!
Obama nation, Abomination, A bomb a nation
Receive the mark now, believe the dark sun, bathed in corruption
Obama nation, Abomination, A bomb a nation.
Divided nation, polarized nation, race war assassinations?
Track Name: Abduction
Cant move, paralyzed, cant move my body I can only move my eyes. Insane fear, when they're near, when they come to take me away. Taken away, memory erased, leaves me with missing time. Needle marks and implants, what the fuck have they done to me?
Track Name: Mind Kontrolle
Subliminal war waged against you in the airwaves. Ignorance is bliss are my ELF waves sinking in? The frequencies that jam your mind, replacing your thoughts with mine. I play a HAARP its tune controls the mass mind, inspiring moods and behavior all the time, they think everything is normal and fine, sit back don't notice the decline.
Ignorance and fear tools to deceive you. With your minds beaten my programming will be you. Hypocrisy and appeasement more tools to defeat you, bullshit in the air, are my ELF waves sinking in?
Track Name: Re Wire
Re wire the brain to make you go insane, gun shots ring out, and you're to blame. Fear's the strongest weapon, of the domination game.
Re wire...
Re wire the brain to make you go insane, gun shots ring out, and you're to blame. Fear's the strongest weapon, of the domination game. We got the prescription, numb your brain for encryption, total fucking serial killers execute commands, total fucking psychopath not questioning demands.
Re wire....
Track Name: Don't Breathe
Scythe stay out of the garden, they're spraying the back nine. Its raining heavy and the number of infected will rise. We'll show em pandemic, watch the panic rise. Cause that's the business we're in, making people die.
Don't breathe.
Lets test out a new disease on all these fucks we despise. This harvest will bring many, and all of them will die. We'll show em pandemic, show them genocide. Cause that's the business we're in, making people die.
Don't breathe, don't breathe, don't breathe, don't breathe.
Track Name: End Times
The fuckin earth shakes as the revelations unfold. The mountains break apart as volcanoes explode. A deluge of molten death spreads across the land, the sun cannot pierce through the fuckin ash. The seas are writhing from the movements down below, the seas are rising and they swallow up the coasts. A massive quake as the poles fuckin reverse. A thousand comets, pummeling the earth...
A world broken, forced upon its knees. Cries of salvation turn to terror filled screams. Coronal discharge blasts those on the surface, coronal discharge turns the earth into a furnace. Hell on earth for those left alive, to bear witness to the end fucking times. A great cycle ends and it must be, that time is up for humanity...
No battle like this since the world was fucking born. Aliens and terrorists, disease and fuckin wars. Try not to speak as destruction fills the night, its time for the initiates to see the fucking light. From the skies come the prophecied messiahs, the ultimate government psyops. They merge into one Lucifurious being, kill all those who deny what they have seen.
Track Name: Workin
Go shovel this, now lift that. Throwing coins at me while I fuckin break my back. No amount of pay is ever quite enough to get me to waste my life working for some fuck...
Workin for a rich fuck making some rich fuck richer.
How do I get down? Just look at my check, see how I've been raped by the fuckin government. Everybody takes and no one fuckin gives, that's why I say, FUCK THIS SHIT!
Workin for a rich fuck, making some rich fuck richer.
That's it, you're gone, you're thru!
No more money for you, you ungrateful dick sucker.
You and your family can go and get fucked.
You're in the gutter asshole,
And you're shit outta luck!
Track Name: World's End
I can see the end, but I don't believe it. I see it dying, dying and fuckin screaming. I can see the world end, but I don't believe it. Where the fuck's the end when the world keeps turning...
And I am feeling senseless...fuck.
Where I am going, what the fuck have I become?
The only thing that I feel, is the death of all that's fucking real.
Way past insanity, the corruption of humanity, no limits to the destruction of the arrogance and vanity, the new flesh is coming for you, its time for you to die and see the light of truth.
I can see the world end, now I believe it, signs are there for those who can see them. Calling out to the ears that will receive it, because for the rest it is their fucking end time, world fuckin end...
Track Name: Reptiles
Are they from outer space? Or another dimension? Are they the shape shifters? That history mentions? Or is it metaphor'd hype for blue blood dementia? Fuck it, doesn't matter, these are all just stupid questions.
It means draconian, reptile fist fuck martial law. And a world of slaves living in the dark.
And in the end you will see, you will know what reptile fuckin means, fuckin means!
Track Name: M.A.W.Be 1984
Your future's fucked like never before, it might as well be 1984.
Endless theatres of world fuckin war, it might as well be 1984.
Double vision, fucking fascism. Execute, the final inquisition.
Pay to breed and bleed, you're all just fucking whores. It might as well be 1984.
Can you hear the jack boots coming to your doors? It might as well be 1984.
Track Name: Put My Fucking Skull Back
You'll pay for what you've done, wipe out your bloodline, every generation.
Put it back this is your last chance, put it back, put it fucking back,
Put it back....
Put my fucking skull back, you mother fuckers.